New Year’s resolutions are about change. Often though, they are usually centered around something negative. “This year I will quit this, or do less of this; I will lose this much or be better at that”. We often set lofty goals, make HUGE plans and seek out massive change.

What if you turned the tide here (pun intended) and looked at a positive action for your New Year’s goal.

“This year I will make a positive impact on my community and become part of something bigger!”

The Charlotte Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation started in August of 2013 with 5 members, coming together to bring about awareness and change to Charlotte and have fun while doing so. Six years later, and we have grown to over 80 members and hundreds of volunteers. And we can always use one more – YOU.

This year we will focus on continuing our regional impact and advocacy, focusing on 2 main goals – Clean Water and Keeping Plastics out of our Waters.

Even as an inland chapter, our actions in Charlotte have a direct impact on our coasts. The same coasts we all love to visit. I am sure you can ask just about anyone in the Queen City if they go to Wrightsville or Carolina Beach, Myrtle Beach or Folly, and the answer will be yes. We love the seafood coming from our waters, and long for those summer days relaxing in the white sands.

We also spend hours on Lake Norman or Lake Wylie and paddle and fish Mountain Island Lake or the Catawba River. Let’s take a vow to make 2020 our year we make a positive change. No action is too small. Join us at our next meeting, become a member or meet us at any of our cleanups we will be scheduling. Most importantly, get the conversation going in your circle about the need to be the change in our community.