ocean friendly restaurant launch party

Kid Cashew partners with the Surfrider Foundation Charlotte Chapter by becoming the first Ocean Friendly Restaurant (OFR) in the city.  This relationship is the beginning of a movement in Charlotte to raise awareness, educate business owners and their patrons, and provide solutions that will reduce plastic pollution and the strain on our resources that are plaguing our city and our planet.

Restaurateurs Giorgios Bakatsias and Martin Sprock opened Kid Cashew at 1608 East Blvd in the Dilworth neighborhood 2016.  Its wood-fire grill is inspired by farmers, butchers and the Mediterranean. Their dedication to feature natural chicken, domestic lamb, and their famous brussels sprouts is now mirrored in their dedication to keeping area waterways and the environment clean for future generations.

The Surfrider Foundation OFR program has been working with restaurants to solve environmental issues since Earth Day 2016 and has approximately 280 Ocean Friendly Restaurant members across the country.  

Learn more about our Ocean Friendly Restaurant Program.

If you would like to become an Ocean Friendly Restaurant or recommend a potential candidate,  please email ofr@charlotte.surfrider.org

ocean friendly restaurant