As we continue to highlight our volunteers, this week’s board spotlight allows us to meet the master behind all of the amazing posts you see on our social media platforms. Kristan joined our chapter a little over a year ago. Showcasing her paddleboard skills at our annual Paddle Lake Norman event, we were excited when she stepped up to lead our social media. Since then we have seen our engagement grow and are reaching new audiences. To find out more about Kristan and why she is a Coastal Defender, see below for an exclusive interview.

1.    Why and when did you get involved with Surfrider?

After participating in Surfrider’s Paddle Lake Norman event the past two years, I officially joined in June of 2019.

My husband and I travel often and no matter where we go we seem to notice one common problem – trash. It is difficult to see some of the world’s most beautiful places littered with plastic and after one trip in particular, where the trash felt so overwhelming, I felt compelled to get more involved and Surfrider’s mission aligns with my values.

2.    What local issue affecting Charlotte are you fighting for?

Awareness – I aim to encourage people via social media to take any step- big or small, so that together we can create a positive future for our world.

3.    What has been the highlight of your Surfrider experience?

Being a part of this community of ocean defenders all fighting to make a difference. It’s awesome to connect with others all around the world, knowing we are working together to make an impact and be the change.

4.    What is the most important thing you tell others about Surfrider?

I find when talking to people my age, that they want to be involved and they want to make a difference but they just do not know where to start. I believe it is important to educate others on our cause and encourage them to check out one of our events to see if Surfrider would be the right match.

5.    Why are you a Surfrider Coastal Defender?

I am committed to preserving the environment that I love.

6.    Where is your favorite beach or coastal area to visit from Charlotte?

Folly Beach. I absolutely love Charleston, SC and visit at least once a year.

7.    What is your favorite water- or outdoor-related activity to do in the Charlotte area?

Hiking and stand-up paddleboarding.