We are weeks away from the November election, and many eyes are on the Presidential race.  Presidential political ads dominate the T.V. and our mailboxes.  While the election of our next President is extremely important, our local and state elections also deserve our attention.

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There are many elected roles at various levels of government – federal, state, and local – responsible for creating policies and making decisions that affect our daily lives.  At the local level, these roles include officials who are running our school boards, our city councils and our municipal justice systems, which impact us close to home.  Our state representatives and the people we elect to the U.S. Congress are individuals we choose to represent our families’ and our communities’ interests when they are legislating key issues and voting on bills at the state and federal levels, respectively.

In representative government, change starts with voters, as they consider who to elect. When deciding who you will cast your ballot for, look at the key issues that are important to you.  Where do the candidates stand on things like the environment, social issues and systemic injustice, education and the economy?  And not just nationally, but in your home town.  Decide what you want to see change and who best represents your interests. 

Yes, the Presidential election is important.  Extremely important!  But of equal significance are other local, state, and federal elected offices representing local people. They serve as real influencers—making laws and deciding policy on behalf of our communities. This is where our voice is heard, so get out and vote this election!