Our chapter, and Surfrider Foundation as a whole, is only as strong as its members and volunteers. We are powerful activists, creating change for our world’s ocean, waves and beaches. Today we celebrate Lauren Whitley, an amazing volunteer and the current leader of the Surfrider club at The Community School of Davidson. Lauren’s passion for our environment and her dedicated leadership at her school is amazing to see. We love seeing our younger generations involved and spreading the Surfrider mission. Thank you Lauren for your commitment to our worlds ocean, waves and beaches.

1.  Why and when did you get involved with Surfrider?

I got involved with Surfrider at the beginning of my sophomore year. I was looking for ways to express my love for the environment and invest time into learning about how I could care for our oceans.

2. What local issue affecting Charlotte are you fighting for?

I am a high school club leader at Community School of Davidson, so my main focus is educating students on a local level in order to create an impact. 

3.  What has been the highlight of your Surfrider experience?

The highlight of my Surfrider experience has been watching how our club members have become so invested in learning about how to protect our oceans. Our first ever meeting is one of my favorite memories. It reminds me of how much we have grown.

4.  What is the most important thing you tell others about Surfrider?

I tell others about how accessible Surfrider is for anyone interested in getting involved. It doesn’t matter your age, location, etc. There will always be a way for you to get involved.

5.  Why are you a Surfrider Coastal Defender?

I am a Surfrider Coastal Defender because I have appreciated the beauty of our oceans and beaches for as long as I can remember. Getting involved with Surfrider provides the opportunity for me to help protect something that I care so deeply about.