October 13, 2014

Surfrider Charlotte Goes to School

Last week, we had the pleasure of working with the 5th graders at The Cannon School in Concord.  These young environmentalists have been learning about the water cycle, watershed and NC’s river basins so a day with us fit in perfectly.  It was great to see how enthusiastic they were about keeping our waters clean and had offered up plenty of ideas and thoughts on what they can do now to keep Charlotte clean.  
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October 2, 2014

Rise Above Plastics Month

Every October, we celebrate our mission to reduce and/or eliminate our need for single use plastics.  Join us again this October for Rise Above Plastics month.  Rise Above Plastics Month is a month-long initiative calling you — the public — to reduce your plastic footprint and raise awareness about the harmful effects caused by single-use plastics in our marine and coastal environments.

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Oceana Seismic
July 24, 2014

Stop Seismic Testing in the Atlantic!

Late last week, the Obama Administration and the Dept of the Interior announced that they would move forward with seismic testing off the Mid- and South-Atlantic coast.  This is very unfortunate, but not unexpected, news.   Countless coastal towns and counties, as well as thousands of citizens voiced their opposition, however there is still time to let our voices be heard.  The BOEM has opened a public comment period, expiring on July 31.  Use this avenue to voice your concern on the new Oil and Gas Lease 5 Year Program that is being proposed.  Tell our government that we do not want to see our coastlines littered with oil rigs, which pollute our most precious resource. Additionally, the seismic airgun testing will injure or kill over 138,000 whales, dolphins and other marine life, according the Feds own study.  Further, over 825,000 NC citizens rely on the ocean for their livelihood, imagine what another disaster like the BP Horizon spill in the Gulf will do to our commercial fishing and tourism industries.  Follow the link here to let the BOEM and the Dept of the Interior your desire to protect the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and eastern Gulf of Mexico from any lease sales or offshore drilling in the plan.

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