Washout Nov 2013
February 17, 2015

What if our Ocean could Talk?

Ever wonder what our ocean would say to us if it could talk?  Would we even want to know what it is thinking, or how the ocean feels about what we are doing to it?  We take so much from it and give nothing in return. We use it as a source of food, recreation and commerce.  We strip it of its bounty, with not even a tip of the cap to say thanks.  Yet, the ocean is the basis for all that is life.  It controls our weather, our atmosphere, the air we breathe.  Without it, human existance is gone.  It’s time we realize the pain we have stricken on our beloved ocean and give back.  Watch this powerful short video to see just what the ocean would say to us if it could talk.


Feb Mtg
February 7, 2015

February Chapter Meeting Recap

Thanks to all that came out this past Wednesday!  Great turnout and new faces.  Keep checking our calendar (as well as other social media sites) for updates and events in the Charlotte area.  2015 will be a busy year for us.  Our cleanups start back up this month as well as our sub-committee meetings for RAP and Eco-Friendly Gardens.  Hope to see you at our upcoming events (as well as all the friends you bring).  Feb Mtg



January 21, 2015

2015 is off to a great start!

We had a great 2014, our first full year as a chapter.  From multiple cleanups to meeting some great people that are just as passionate about protecting and enjoying our environment as we are, we had a successful start.  2015 is shaping up to be even better.  Check out our calendar below for some of our upcoming events and meetings.  We will be hosting cleanups the 3rd Saturday of each month and look forward to making these bigger and better this year.  We have signed on to be at Tuck Fest again this year and will be hosting a Tuck Fest Clean Up on the Saturday morning of the event.  Our 1st chapter meeting is February 5th where we will be discussing our 2015 plan and the many ways you can get involved.  All are welcome to any of our events, we are family friendly and welcome any new members, activists and volunteers.  Stay tuned for more and you can always check out our Facebook site for news, events and pics.

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