June 9, 2015

International Surfing Day 2015

It’s easy to take the beaches and waves for granted every time you go to drop in a wave. But if we want to protect our ocean and waves, we need your help!  Remember it all starts inshore, and our lakes and rivers flow to the ocean.  Plus, who wants to play in a dirty lake?  In it’s 11th year, Surfrider chapters across the globe will be celebrating all things surf with International Surfing Day 2015.  This year the Charlotte chapter has two killer events, bringing the stoke of our great sport to the Queen City.

Start your day out with a wakesurf session on Lake Norman with the crew from Charlotte Ski Boats.  If you have never tried this, now is your chance to get pulled behind a Mastercraft and drop in on some waves.  From newbies to the pros, they will have you up in no time and gettin wet.  For a $50 donation, you will receive a membership to the chapter, a HKTK rashguard and the wakesurf session.  Already a member?  No problem, for just a $35 donation you will get the HKTK rashguard and the surf session.  These are all fully deductible at the end of the year on your taxes and your generous donation will help keep our waters clean and safe for all to enjoy.  Space is limited so hurry and sign up now.

Topping off the day, we will be heading to Tiki Hideaway in Charlotte for a surf themed party.  This new Polynesian inspired bar is the perfect spot to host such a party.  Live music, raffles and killer drink specials are just a few of the things we have on tap.  The party starts at 5 and goes until whenever they kick us out.  RSVP here to claim your spot.

WOD 2015
June 8, 2015

World Oceans Day Cleanup

This past Saturday, we partnered with Sea Life Aquarium for our World Oceans Day lake cleanup.  A team of over 50 volunteers cleaned up the shores of Mountain Island Lake at the Historic Latta Plantation, pulling in over 150 pounds of garbage.  As usual, the most common items were plastic bottles, cigarette butts, fishing line and plastic bags.  Activists found a 50 pound piece of Styrofoam and large plastic piece of tubing, among other items.  Mountain Island Lake is the source for drinking water for Charlotte and the surrounding area and used by many as a place to fish, boat, kayak and swim. IN our 2nd annual World Oceans Day event with Sea Life, our goal is educate and bring awareness to Charlotteans around the need to keep not only our watershed clean, but our environment as a whole.  Without the Ocean, there is no life, and we are all connected.  The waters we love to play in around here all flow to the Atlantic, so our actions create a huge impact on what we see down the line.  Be sure to join us for our next cleanup and see how you can get involved.

May 27, 2015

World Oceans Day Cleanup

It’s hard to believe summer is here!!!  Kicking off the summer, just after Memorial Day, we celebrate World Oceans Day.  Held every year on June 8th, this United Nations recognized day celebrates all we love about the ocean and brings awareness on our need to protect it.  Without the ocean there is no life.  Here in Charlotte, we extend this to our watershed.  With 3 large lakes and the Catawba River, we rely just as much on these inland lakes, not to mention these all eventually flow in to the Atlantic.  This year we are teaming up with Sea Life Aquarium  and hosting a lake cleanup on the shores of Mountain Island Lake at Latta Plantation.  For those that don’t know, the greater Charlotte area gets it’s drinking water supply from Mountain Island Lake.  Meet us at 9:30 am down at the end on 60′ Access Road in Latta Plantation, just off of Sample Rd (look for the cleanup sides on Sample RD).  We will have special presentations by the aquarists from Sea Life, helping you learn what you can do to protect our marine wildlife.  We provide all needed supplies and we ask that you help us make this a plastic free event and bring a reusable water bottle if needed.

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